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RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is a global provider of unique, enterprise-class data collection solutions that are focused on optimizing operations, reducing expenses, and improving business processes using radio frequency identification (RFID). RFID is a data collection technology which uses radio signals to transmit information about an item, such as a serial number or name.

RES provides end-to-end RFID solutions that enable companies to cost effectively manage their business information, assets, objects, kits, products, and people. We seamlessly combine our patented software, hardware components, professional services, and 24/7 support to deliver a guaranteed solution to our clients.


Build YOUR Solution

Whether looking for a simple, user-friendly data collection tool, or an intelligent RFID based asset tracking application, RES will work with you to develop a solution that fits YOUR needs. To begin, let’s see which RES application is right for you.

What will be the focus of your solution?

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