Case Studies

Benefit Concert Series

RES Does Away with Counterfeit Ticket Use

Annually, Benefit Concert Series hosts a large music festival near Ohio University’s campus in Athens, OH. The festival draws in thousands of college students every year, creating a chaotic situation that requires an immense amount of planning.


Before working with RES, tickets were printed and sold to customers without any sort of ticket differentiation. Neither a barcode nor a number system had been implemented to keep track of tickets and sales. Consequently, it was easy to “copy” the ticket format and produce counterfeit tickets. At the event, employees were stationed at the event’s entrance to collect the tickets. However, the large volume of students led to mass entry where those without tickets could potentially go in unnoticed.


    • The use of counterfeit tickets was a huge challenge to overcome. In fact, they estimated that on average 10% of the tickets used at each past event were counterfeit.
    • There were no safeguards in place to assure that legitimate tickets were not “passed back” and reused.
    • Crowd control was a large concern due to the potential for unauthorized access at the ticket collection area.

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RES’s solution to ticket and event management was easy to implement, drastically improved efficiency, and saved the company a great deal of money. The following benefits reflect results shown at the 2009 music festival, which was the first year using the new system.

    • On average, 10% of the total tickets at previous festivals were counterfeit. Using this statistic, 2009’s festival saw a savings of $27,670 by eliminating that 10% loss.
    • Because RES’s system registers a legitimate ticket when it is first seen and converts it to used status, there is no possibility of ticket reuse.
    • The system allowed for an accurate, fast, and orderly entry at the festival’s ticket collection area, greatly reducing crowd control difficulties.
    • VIP visibility allowed festival promoters to manage their high status attendees and provide value added services in a seamless manner.