Case Studies

RES Revamps Cardinal Health’s SPD System

RES Helps Hospitals Resolve Drug Safety Issues

Cardinal Health (CAH) originally came to RES for help with issues they were experiencing involving their Specialized Pharmaceutical Delivery (SPD) Consignment program.


Before working with RES, SPD procedures involved sending CAH blood derivative products out to customers who would store them until use. Cardinal relied on the customer to practice safe storage and handling of their products, most of which had specific refrigeration instructions. Once a product was used, it was the customer’s responsibility to manually enter the item and its used status into Cardinal’s system. Cardinal would then use this information for billing and replenishment purposes. In addition to data entry, all other SPD processes, including cycle counts and inventory tracking, were also done manually.


    • The SPD program’s manual processes were very labor intensive for both customers and SPD business resources, as well a prone to human error. Accuracy and efficiency were large concerns.
    • Product storage and handling at customer sites could not be monitored. Thus, there was no way to know whether products had been compromised.
    • Cardinal Health had no way of knowing which consignment items needed replenished until contacted by the customer, and unfortunately, the customer would sometimes run out of product by the time they remembered to enter item usage information. This could become a grave issue, especially in the hospital environment.

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With RES’s solution, Cardinal Health can now track products with 100% accuracy, capture important data on product dispensation, and much more.

    • RES’s system has automated many manual processes, improving accuracy & speed. Real time data sharing further increases this efficiency.
    • CAH can now easily track / monitor product storage, handling, & expiration at customer sites, alleviating safety concerns. Also, customers are able to make better use of their inventory & ensure compliance.
    • Real time data on product removal allows for faster replenishment, eliminating problems with sales tracking, billing, out of stock, & over distribution.