Case Studies

RES Sets the Standard for Retail

RES Makes Retail History with First Store Run Solely Through RFID Technology

Industry Standard is a high-end boutique specializing in designer denim and upscale urban clothing. This Columbus, Ohio store combines skate and hip-hop culture to create a unique style they define as “street couture.”


However, Industry Standard’s style is not the only thing that sets them apart from other retailers. What is most exciting about this clothing store is that its opening marked a new age in retail technology – it became the first store to be run completely by RFID technology.


Because RES was able to set up an RFID system at Industry Standard’s creation, there was no prior system to change. However, what we found is that Industry Standard’s system eliminates many of the common issues and inefficiencies experienced by most, if not all, retail stores.

    • The inventory process is time consuming, labor intensive, and fret with inaccuracies.
    • Discrepancies between physical & systemic inventories are all too common occurrences due to misplaced items, incorrect system information, etc.
    • All manual store processes inevitably leave room for human error.

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The following benefits were determined by comparing the results of Industry Standard’s system against those of other commonly used retail operating systems.

    • Inventories of the 3000 sq. ft. store are taken with 100% accuracy in only 22 minutes.
    • 100% system accuracy seen on product location / quantity / item type.
    • The system eliminates human errors in inventory management & tracking.
    • Automated checkouts increase efficiency & eliminate POS mistakes.
    • RFID prevents internal & external shrinkage.
    • A personalized customer experience sets the store apart from competitors.