Company Profile

Founder Neco Can saw the exciting possibilities of RFID technology early on in his career. With over 30 years of IT experience, he saw the various ways in which RFID could improve business processes in a more efficient, cost effective manner. However, he also realized that most RFID implementations being done were extremely expensive, time consuming, and fret with inaccuracies. Neco knew there was a better way.

He sought to fill this void in the industry through the creation of RES. With his company, he hoped to change the perception of RFID from a pilot driven, bleeding-edge technology, to a technology which is mature, implementable in large scales, and globally supported with many applications. His goal was to prove that RFID is a cost justifiable, real solution for data accuracy, and, most importantly, a technology available to all companies.

RES strives to discredit the widely held view that RFID is something inaccessible to all but the largest and most wealthy businesses. Today, with more worldwide RFID implementations than ever before, it is now more than just a Wal-Mart technology. RFID is being used all around us – from clothing to gyros, from toners to surgical instruments, from asset tracking to loss prevention.

Holding true to these beliefs, Neco and his company set out to bring innovative RFID solutions to all companies, regardless of their asset or product. Furthermore, RES has 100% GUARANTEED their implementations from the very beginning. After seeing so many businesses put a great deal of time and money into systems which continually deliver less than perfect results, RES refuses to provide anything less than what was promised to their clients. They are the one and only company in the RFID industry which will 100% GUARANTEE their read rates and system, or they will refund your money. It is this dedication to excellence that has set RES apart from their competitors.