Manage Events Intelligently with PASS Event

[frame][/frame]PASS Event is the industry’s leading event management solution. Not only is PASS Event implementation a very simple procedure, but companies using our solution have seen great results, including savings totaling tens of thousands of dollars and even ROI achievement after only one event!

PASS Event, an expansion of our PASS solution, combines the advanced access control features of PASS with ticket authentication, tracking, and much more. With our PASS Event system, event entry becomes a fast, orderly, and accurate process, greatly reducing crowd control difficulties. Additionally, ticket authentication completely eliminates the chance for ticket counterfeiting and ticket reuse. RFID technology, in combination with our PASS Event software, even makes it possible for tickets to be read through pockets, purses, and bags. Furthermore, PASS Event can differentiate ticket “levels” (General Admission, VIP, etc.) upon scan, allowing you to set access controls to certain areas based on ticket holder’s clearance level.

We know how important safety is at an event, which is why we’ve designed our system to take event security to the next level. People tracking, coupled with location systems (RTLS), can provide security in restricted areas, allow access to certain events or zones, & count people movement in defined areas. With PASS Event, you’ll have the ability to easily monitor & track event VIPs, employees, or those who require a higher level of safety. In the event of an emergency, you’ll be able to identify the location of key personal & notify them for immediate response. There is also an option for built in, configurable alerts. These alerts, with RFID, Voice, and/or Biometric technology combinations, ensure maximum user safety and security certainty.

PASS Event also ensures that your event attendees have a one of a kind experience with interactive social media opportunities. Visitors can choose to have their movement within the event automatically posted/updated to their sites, share pictures/comments from social media kiosks located around the venue, and much more!

Once the event is over, data captured and monitored during the event on individual attendees, attendance levels and flow, attendee distribution, etc. is sorted and evaluated by our system. PASS Event turns this collected data into intelligent reports about visitors, exhibitors, their activities within the venue, and even their specific likes and interests. This information is then displayed on our user friendly, executive dashboard, which can be updated in real time & viewed, on site or off, via web.

With our PASS Event Solution, your company will save both time and money, while providing a safe and extremely memorable event for your attendees.