PASS: People Authentication & Security Solution

Take Security to the Next Level with our PASS Solution

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Safety and security is a top priority for any business. However, for some businesses, average just won’t cut it – the highest level of security is essential. This is why we’ve created our PASS Solution.

PASS is a people identification, tracking, and access control solution designed to assure maximum user and asset safety. With PASS, you’ll be able to comply with complex authentication requirements, improve overall security certainty, and assure 100% accuracy on data capture.

People tracking coupled with location systems (RTLS) can provide security in restricted areas, allow access to events or zones, and count people movement / track activity in defined areas. Retail stores, events, banks, and airports are just a few examples of where tracking people is important. This solution is ideal for use in highly secure areas requiring a rapid response during an emergency, as you can identify the location of key personnel and notify them for immediate response. PASS is also a great option for those with restricted areas requiring strict access control.

Based on your company’s requirements, we offer various types of authorization options, which can be combined to provide the highest level of security. Methods include, but are not limited to:BiometricsScrn

Additionally, if security is ever breached, you are notified by iPass’s easily configurable, automated security alerts.

Last but not least, PASS’s synthesized data summary feature allows all data captured by the iPass system to be sorted and then shared with your company’s system via database linkages. Not only does this improve overall efficiency and accuracy, but it guarantees use of only the most current information. Furthermore, PASS was designed to provide a complete audit trail for all data records, ensuring your company will always stay in compliance.