Asset Management

At RES, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to use RFID in managing your assets.

RES AIMS technology allows us to identify the location of each and every item without having to see it physically throughout the supply chain. This results in 100% data integrity, giving you the ability to provide the right product, in the right place, at the right time. With the help of our Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS), your company will reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and dramatically boost customer satisfaction.

Companies across a wide range of industries have come to us for asset management solutions. We’ve helped manage everything from surgical implants for Zimmer Medical, a top manufacturer of surgical implants and instruments, and pressed metal goods through the assembly line for FIAT, an internationally recognized automobile manufacturer. We can create solutions for your company, no matter your product or asset.

With our RFID solutions, you will not only be able to easily locate and identify your assets, but you will have the ability to monitor your products’ status throughout your specific operational life cycle. For those assets that require maintenance, this solution is ideal. Never guess where your product is in its life cycle. With easily configurable alerts, you’ll never have to worry about quality assurance. Biometric, Voice and RFID technologies seamlessly integrated with your existing ERP or Business Applications can be combined for maximum user safety, compliance and asset tracking certainty.

With AIMS a 100% Guarantee is our Pledge!

    • Reduce or eliminate labor costs
    • Eliminate human error on asset tracking/management
    • 100% accuracy on asset location, quantity, item type
    • Built in alerts and authorization control
    • Authentication and workflow rules for high security applications
    • Integration with existing ERP, EAM, D/B & Active Directory Technology
    • Increased end customer satisfaction
    • Improved compliance and audit processes

RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is an end to end RFID Solutions Company that enables you to cost-effectively manage assets, objects, kits, products & people by seamlessly combining Application Software, RFID Hardware Components, Professional Services and 24×7 Support to deliver a 100% Guaranteed Solution.