Healthcare Solutions

RES has a proven track record in the healthcare industry, currently servicing such companies as Cardinal Health, Wright Medical, and Zimmer Medical.

We understand that in the medical field, every second counts. Trying to locate equipment, checking and double checking processes, and monitoring employees or patients is a waste of your time and resources. Information needs to be immediately available and guaranteed accurate. You need to be able to find your essential assets, whether IT or clinical, at a moment’s notice. We’ve addressed these needs with RFID enabled solutions which are affordable, time saving, and 100% accurate, so you can spend your time and money on the people who need you most.

Zimmer Medical, a global leader in surgical implants and instruments, experienced the effectiveness of our solutions first hand. With the use of our Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS), Zimmer is now able to track their implants and instrument trays from the distribution centers, to the hospitals, and back to the DCs. Furthermore, our solution allows them to guarantee that the products are delivered on time, 100% accurate, and 100% complete. Not only has their efficiency drastically improved, but they have also saved a great deal of time and money, estimating a total of 3 hours of time savings, per inventory specialist, per day.

We have helped our clients do everything from track their essential assets, to manage consignment products, such as blood derivatives. We helped client Cardinal Health, a Fortune 19 company, revamp their refrigeration system for consignment products. With RFID, they can now easily monitor temperature changes, send automatic invoices based on product removal, and much more.

Our RFID solutions can also be applied in hospitals to easily track essential items such as machines, beds, or other equipment. With real time tracking, you will know exactly where they are at all times. The same concept can even be applied to patients and employees. Immediately find a wandering or confused patient before an accident occurs or quickly track down a doctor when an emergency arises.

RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is an end to end  RFID Solutions Company that enables you to cost-effectively manage assets, objects, kits, products & people by seamlessly combining Application Software, RFID Hardware Components, Professional Services and 24×7 Support to deliver a 100% Guaranteed Solution.