Process Management

RES develops unique RFID solutions to simplify a wide range of business processes. Companies such as Union Pacific Railroad and Bereket Doner currently rely on our solutions to improve operations, reduce costs and mitigate risks. We have successfully helped companies manage everything from crowd control and ticket authentication, to managing safety/compliance assets and employee tracking. Furthermore, RES process management applications are easy to implement, have a light IT footprint, are scalable, cost effective and integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP & other business applications.

Take for instance our Event Management Application. Not only is implementation a very simple procedure, but companies using our solution have seen great results, including savings totaling tens of thousands of dollars and even ROI achievement after only one event. With our Event Management Application, event entry becomes a fast, orderly, and accurate process, greatly reducing crowd control difficulties. Additionally, ticket authentication completely eliminates the chance for ticket counterfeiting and ticket reuse. Our solution will save your company both time and money, while increasing overall event safety.

Safety and Compliance are important issues for many companies when they consider the benefits of RFID. For example, a major international food manufacturer and distributor Bereket Doner (famous for those delicious Gyros) implemented RES in order to improve their food safety process and improve levels of food safety compliance. In addition, they were able to improve the overall quality of the products manufactured. Loss prevention, product item visibility, order processing times and fulfillment, and improved accuracy for both systematic and physical inventories were all added value in deploying RES.

Union Pacific Railroad, a $50B company (market cap), implemented RES to address specific safety and compliance issues surrounding the management of their oxygen tanks used by their railroad engineers. Because the oxygen supply is limited in many of the long railroad tunnels, it is a safety requirement that all railroad engineers traveling through these tunnels take an oxygen tank with them to use in the event of an emergency. Our solution revamped the safety procedures surrounding the accessing, movement, and storage tracking of the oxygen tanks. RES was able to design a unique biometric authentication capability in order to track who accessed the tank(s), when they accessed the tank(s), and what activities took place with the tank(s) while in an engineer’s possession. In short, our solution dramatically improved safety and compliance.

RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is an end to end  RFID Solutions Company that enables you to cost-effectively manage assets, objects, kits, products & people by seamlessly combining Application Software, RFID Hardware Components, Professional Services and 24×7 Support to deliver a 100% Guaranteed Solution.