RFID Retail Solutions

Comprehensive Retail Solutions

By combining RFID technology with our proven software, we’ve created an end-to-end Retail Inventory Management solution that allows you to increase sales, save money, and improve customer satisfaction, without any changes to your existing system.

The video below, courtesy of RES partner, Motorola, showcases one of the many ways RFID can be used to benefit the retail environment.

RES Knows Retail.

RES has its roots in the retail industry. RES leadership is responsible for the first ever retail store RFID pilot, which took place at GAP Inc., as well as for the first multi-store RFID pilot, which took place at Abercrombie & Fitch and totalled 25 stores. Since then, RES has continued to delve into the retail field, servicing companies such as Industry Standard, Group Dynamite, and Cartier.

Because of RES’s strong retail background, we understand the difficulties, and resulting hesitation, associated with system change. Upgrading your existing back-end ERP, Merchandising, Allocation, WMS, Store Management, and POS is a very costly proposition.  Changing your merchandise hierarchy and adapting to another SKU numbering schema is almost impossible. Change management for new business processes is challenging.

We feel your pain! We know that the RFID application should be easy to implement with minimal process changes. It should be intuitive and easy to learn, able to interface with your existing systems with simple APIs, implemented quickly without any interruption, and lastly, be scalable, maintainable and flexible.

This is why we’ve created RES Retail Inventory Management System (RIMS). RIMS is the only system on the market that provides an end-to-end solution, starting with your vendors and ending with your bag carrying customers.

Our system covers every aspect of your value chain, which helps you to lower your operating cost and increase your sales without changing your existing systems, hardware and operating platforms. It provides the most comprehensive solution and the most cost effective, total cost of ownership. After RIMS implementation, your data will not only be extremely accurate, but you can rest assured that your physical inventory will always match the data in your inventory system.

RIMS Features & Benefits

  • Inventory Tracking & Reconciliation
    • Eliminate human errors in inventory management and tracking.
    • Audit all inbound and outbound boxes with 100% accuracy.
    • Find missing items in seconds with RIMS handheld application.
    • Eliminate shrinkage – both internal and external.
  • Inventory Reconciliation & Item Restocking 
    • 100% system accuracy on product location, quantity, and item type.
    • Take inventories of a 3,000 sq. ft. store in just 22 minutes.
    • Eliminate out of stock at store and warehouse through alerts that notify you to low inventory levels.
  • Automated Check Outs
    • Register many items in a single scan – faster check outs, happier customers.
    • Avoid POS mistakes.
    • Transaction data is stored, allowing you to manage returns more efficiently.
    • Audit store receipts – 100% verification.
  • Customer Service Applications
    • Provide a personalized customer service experience for your loyalty card members.
    • With our dressing room application, you can provide a socialized shopping experience for your customers via social networks.
    • Allow customers to request items from sales reps via text messaging or interactive screens without leaving the dressing room.