Software Development

RES’s offshore IT solution division, with USA based headquarters and control, provides highly qualitative and cost effective software development services to companies around the world.

At RES, we are dedicated to providing the most robust designs and implementations, made possible through our expert team. Additionally, our agile development practices keep our clients involved during every stage of development, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We help our clients leverage their innovative & original ideas in order to meet their business goals. With a specialization in technology consultancy and quality assurance & testing, we ensure top notch solutions for our clients.

Furthermore, our services are priced very competitively.SoftDev

EXPERTISE Our elite team of engineers deliver only the highest quality solutions. We do not build our solutions to just meet your company’s requirements, but rather to provide the maximum flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and resilience to changes and/or exceptional circumstances, exploiting our experience in working with resource constrained systems. Our solutions are well documented, cleanly designed, and rigorously tested. We consistently deliver high quality services, and we do so in a timely fashion.

PROFESSIONAL APPROACH We believe in the engagement with our clients at all project phases, to achieve the best results and maximum satisfaction. Using the latest proven practices, our focused, motivated and productive team promises continuous communication and maximum collaboration with our clients at all stages of the development process, making it easy for our clients to:

    • Keep track of the progress made.
    • Provide feedback and make adjustments as desired at any time.
    • See working versions of the software before progressing to the next iteration.

Our Main Areas of Expertise

    • Software/Systems Design & Development
    • E-commerce Solutions
    • Enhancement & Defect Take-Down of Existing Software
    • Software Customization Build
    • Deployment and Administration
    • Enterprise Systems Integration
    • Website Design & Development
    • Desktop Application Development
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Industrial Automation